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Tanzania Coffee Board, Kahawa House, P.O.Box 732, Moshi, TANZANIA
Tel:+255 55 52324 Fax:+255 55 53033, EMail: enquiries@tcbcoffee.com

L.D.Omari-Managing DirectorWelcome to Tanzania - The Land of Kilimanjaro home to some of the world's finest coffees. Tanzania grows both the famous Colombian Mild (washed) Arabica, unwashed Arabica and Robusta coffees. This coffee with mild acidity and full flavour is often sold under the names " Kilimanjaro" or " Kibo" as a pure coffee of the highest quality and as a component of blending blunt coffees to raise them above the ground. Tanzania continues to encourage high quality coffee production, to guarantee both high farmer earnings and a top quality cup to the consumer. Production, which is highly small holder, is some 50,000 metric tonnes annually.

L.D. Omari

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